Welcome to the Harrison laboratory. Our primary focus is on cancer across zoological species. This includes investigating cancer in zoological companion animals (i.e. rabbits, ferrets, snakes, lizards, birds, etc.), as well as species that live in zoos. Our goal is to learn more about what types of cancers these animals acquire, potential risk factors, treatments that have been used, as well as what is their survival time after diagnosis.

Our work is to develop and communicate the concepts and methods that are needed to confront cancer in zoological species.

Through our collaborations with other universities, veterinary practices, zoos and aquariums, we hope to collect as many retrospective and prospective cases of neoplasia as possible. As Vice President of ESCRA (Exotic Species Cancer Research Alliance), and lead investigator of the associated Exotic Tumor Database, Dr. Tara Harrison and her team of collaborators hope to grow the field of zoo and exotic animal oncology by determining better methods to inform improve diagnostic planning and treatment protocols for these under-represented species. To learn more, and if you are a veterinarian interested in contributing cases, please visit: www.escra.org.